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Whats up with all these ads?

Hi all,

I just got here by installing Minion as I was searching for an addon manager that unlike curse actually lets me install to the european version of ESO and doesnt come with million of refreshing ads in its client. Minion looks clean and I like that. Although it still seams to have some known issues like not recognizing all my addons right now from a fresh install it already works much better than the curse client and doesnt seem to slow down my system.
When I came to this site though I was shocked. There were 2 of the same videos autoplaying at the same time with a slight delay of maybe a second which forced me to turn down the volume of my speakers when I was browsing addons. Now here on the forums its cluttered with ads. Not only does it look bad it is simply annoying. The worst thing though is that once in a while when the ads refresh they automatically take me from this site to one that tells me my java is out of date and wants me to install a program which than hijacks your browser to make webssearch your default search and sends usage statistics to them.
Im not going to post the direct link here but if it is needed for investigations I could provide it via pm.
While Im writing this I have 10 tabs open in chrome and only your site takes me to the that malware java update. And right now while Im typing I have a banner displaying at the top telling me my system is compromised and I should install PC Speed Repair.

I understand that you have to use ads to make some money out of this but please refrain from ad partners like these. I know Im new to this site, actually this is my first post, but maybe this can give you some insight of how people see your site when they just signed up. Not only do those kinda ads potentially harm the systems of users they also put your website in a bad light.
In case youre trying to sell premium memberships with the help of those annoying ads maybe you should make that clearly visible somewhere. There might be a small hint somewhere but I couldnt find any way to disable those annoying ads anywhere. Before I signed up here I got some addons from here and left the site open...while playing ESO I heard some really loud video playing through my headset. I had to alt tab and close the tabs containing your website to make it stop. Its insane how loud those videos play.

Oh yeah I used the search function with the term "ads" but couldnt find anything...so Im sorry if this has been discussed somewhere else already. I just wanted to give some feedback from a newly registered person to this site. Maybe none of you will experience this because you are using ad blockers on your own site or you found the hidden secret of turning of the ads...in that case...please tell me how xD

Thanks for reading and since english aint my native language I hope this is understood as it was meant: constructive citicism.

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I use a proxy that removes ads, but most places don't allow autoplaying videos with sound without interacting, although most allow autoplaying videos that are silent.
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You should not be getting any ads that play audio, install stuff, etc. I will be forwarding this to our ad team. I'm guessing this is something that is only targeting the country you're in because we have not received any other complaints On this site or any of our other interface sites recently.

Anyways that is not acceptable and I'm very sorry this happened to you. Thanks for letting us know.

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04/22/14, 03:07 AM   #4
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Just to add: I'm in Germany and am getting German-language video adds that autoplay from time to time. I also find that after a while, I'm redirected from your site to somewhere else (looks like an ad page) and have to hit my browser's back button to get back to the page I was on.
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to one of the original questions can we have some form of membership that does away with the ads.
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