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11/07/19, 05:00 PM   #1
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Shissus framework error

I just started getting the following error when I try to open the settings for Shissus.

bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table/struct expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'ipairs'
EsoUI/PregameAndIngame/Z0_Options/Keyboard/Z0_Options_Keyboard.lua:162: in function
EsoUI/PregameAndIngame/Z0_Options/Keyboard/Z0_Options_Keyboard.lua:146: in function
user:AddOns/ShissuFramework/settings.lua:847: in function 'panelData.callback'
EsoUI/Common/Z0_Gamemenu/Z0_GameMenu/lua:52: in function 'TreeEntryOnSelected'
EsoUI/Libraries/Z0_Tree/Z0_Tree.lua:705: in function 'Z0_TreeNode:OnSelected'
EsoUI/Libraries/Z0_Tree/Z0_Tree.lua:411: in function 'Z0_Tree:SelectNode'
EsoUI/Libraries/Z0_Tree/Z0_Tree.lua:888: in function 'Z0_TreeEntry_OnMouseUp'
(tail call): ?
Z0_CollectionsBook_TopLevelCategoriesScrollChildZ0_CollectionsBook_SubCategory1_Mouseup:3: in function '(main chunk)'

I have turned off all addons one by one to see if there is a conflict and it only happens with Shissus on. I have all the updated patches for the Addon. I made sure I have all the updated Libraries. I would normally just get rid of this Addon but as a guild leader, it is a must to have. This all started after the last update to the patch.
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