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Bugblade: myth or reality?

So I have been playing ESO since closed beta but never really followed the online community, so my experience was pretty much limited to the first 10 levels. With that in mind, I chose Nightblade. It felt clunky, so i started reading up online...

Bug. Bug. More bug.

Haste doesnt work, no matter the weapon?
Mark only affects you and not your target?
Most skills seem to have issues where they will fire the animation but not the skill itself.
Cloak doesnt work half the time.
Shadow Fiends deal pathetic damage and the AI bugs whenever their original target dies?
Terror doesnt actually fear for 4 seconds consistently?
Cripple has pitiful damage and doesnt actually drain movement speed?
Siphining strike dont restore as much as the tooltip says it should?

And I am not even getting into the passives. I have personally experienced just about every one of those bugs. In exasperation, I rerolled 2h sorc and so far its playing MUCH smoother.

Am I the only one who is extremely let down by the current state of the class? We are not talking small bugs here, we are talking some of their best skills (haste/mark) straight out not working at all. I really really really want to stick with my NB but having so many broken skills is becomming a head ache.

My question is this: is it currently possible to be as effective with a NB as with another class, and if yes, how would that status-quo hold if both our stronguest DPS skills (mark and haste) are made usable?

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In many ways it reminds me of using the assassin class in Age of Conan at launch, where most of the skills we had were not working, worked differently, or only worked halfway.

Thanks to Zeni hiding most of the information in combat etc, I suppose it is hard to spot that anything is broken for the users and thus they get no complaints (or bug reports).
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Compilation of bugged nightblade abilities

Untill they fix it here is how to play as nightblade (Infinite Batswarm)
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Infinite batswarm is how to play a sorc or DK. Nightblade doesn't do it as well. Though the guy in the video seemed to be able to do well because none of the opposing players had magelight up.

My main is a Nightblade vamp.

The bugs are annoying and prevent many interesting builds from working.

I wanted to play an Archer with cripple and Mark, but neither work properly as mentioned.
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The Nightblade bug that frustrates me the most is ability keys getting locked out and you walk like you are snared forever when attacking multi-target groups. You are not stun nor have a snare effect but can not hit back. It is being addressed by ZOS. There is a patch on PST but I have not played my Nightblade there yet to see if it is fixed. For now, I can sometimes breakout of freeze by hitting toggling ESC twice but lot of time I just die. I have even had to logout to clear the problem on rez.
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