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Raging Templar | Templar Guide 1-50 | (WIP)

Raging Templar

I. Overview

What strengths and weaknesses does this build bring and the Templar in general?

Templar is a great class in my opinion. The Magicka cost of the healing spells are a little outrageous with no surefire way of recovering Magicka, but it can be overlooked. Templar can bring some crazy good damage as well as do some serious healing. What I've found is running a hybrid build for the leveling process has (SO FAR) been very successful. I've been able to solo multiple zone bosses, public dungeons and pretty much every single quest with ease. Granted there are still a few tough challenges, but nothing that can't be overcome with trial and error.

The Raging Templar build brings a solid DPS template that will have you able to solo almost everything. It also gives you great support for you to heal through dungeons if you wish, or be an off-healer. This build is great for Group Dungeons when the boss does some crazy damage ability. You can very easily pop over to Resto Staff and help the healer keep everyone up for a few seconds, then just switch back and DPS.

What attributes are most useful for this build?

Honestly, a good balance between Magicka and Stamina has done be very well so far. Basically throughout the leveling process just toss the points to whatever you feel you are needing the most at the time. Are you taking a lot of damage and dying quick? Put it in Health. Are you running low on Stamina between your kills? Put it in Stamina. Is your Magicka draining way too fast? Put it in Magicka.

II. The Gear

(This part will be written up in more detail once I get to max level and know what type of gear I'm looking for)

Leveling Gear
  • Heavy Helmet
  • Heavy Shoulders
  • Heavy Pants
  • Heavy Chest
  • Heavy Gloves
  • Heavy Boots
  • Light Belt
  • Rings - Reduce Magicka Cost/Increase Magicka Recovery | Increase Maximum Magicka
  • Amulet- Reduce Magicka Cost/Increase Magicka Recovery | Increase Maximum Magicka

Dungeon Gear (For Healing)
  • Light Helmet
  • Heavy Shoulders
  • Light Pants
  • Heavy Chest
  • Light Gloves
  • Heavy Boots
  • Light Belt
  • Rings - Reduce Magicka Cost/Increase Magicka Recovery | Increase Maximum Magicka
  • Amulet- Reduce Magicka Cost/Increase Magicka Recovery | Increase Maximum Magicka

III. The Build

Current Attributes (Level 45):

22 Magicka

5 Health

17 Stamina

Skill Bar 1:

Weapon Type - Two Handed

Two Handed has great burst damage and in my opinion has been the strongest weapon choice for leveling and constant damage. I have dabbled in Dual Wield, and I just don't like it or feel like the play style is as good as my current one. Swords are generally the best to go with since they give a flat damage increase. The bleed on Axes is a very low amount of damage, and some mobs do not bleed. I have yet to weigh the difference in damage between Sword and Mace, I will do this soon.

1. Puncturing Strikes -> Biting Jabs

A lot of people like to grab Puncturing Sweep, but that's not needed. Biting Jabs is GREAT for finishing down a mob QUICKLY and also for great AoE damage, and Ultimate build up. The increased crit the lower the mob's health is very high, and paired with Burning Light, this does crazy damage.

2. Momentum -> Rally

This skill I'm still playing around with. I used to use Evil Hunter, but it just wasn't worth it since it didn't proc off any skills, only normal attacks. Rally will give you a much higher damage output from Light/Heavy attacks on ALL mob types instead of just Deadric/Undead/WW. This skill will probably get swapped out if I find something more of use.

3. Critical Charge -> Critical Rush

This move is a GREAT GREAT GREAT opener. It's also great for getting back into the fray on bosses where you have to run out of the AoE. Upgraded to Critical Rush, it will do even more damage the further you are away. So the best thing to do is to use this at max distance.

4. Reverse Slash -> Executioner

Played WoW? Played a Warrior? Like Execute? Then this skill is for you. This is the ULTIMATE skill that I've found for finishing off mobs. Deals more damage the lower the health of the mob gets up to 300% more damage, which is insane.

5. Drain Essence -> Invigorating Drain

This requires Vamp so it can swapped out with other heals, but I will tell you straight up, no heal touches this ability for survival purposes. This is an instant cast channel that channels for about 4 seconds with 4 ticks that also stuns the mob you use it on. The heal brings you back up to 100% EVERY TIME. Run into a big group and notice your going down? Just drain one of them, and drain another if you need. At Vamp Stage 4, the Magicka cost on this is negligible.

Ultimate. Radial Sweep -> Crescent Sweep

This is a VERY strong Ultimate that has AoE and also has an insanely low Climate cost of 75. You can regen your Ultimate very fast with Biting Jabs and then just use this and it melts everything.

Skill Bar 2:

Weapon Type: Restoration Staff

Resto Staff is obviously the best weapon to use for healing, simple as that.

1. Grand Healing -> Healing Springs

This skill is great. It only lasts 3 seconds, but you are able to place it wherever you want which is clutch. Upgraded to Healing Springs is wonderful for Magicka Recovery. If you can land this in a position that all 4 members are in it, the Magicka Recovery is very good and almost negates the cost of the ability.

2. Regeneration -> Mutagen

The almighty Mutagen. Easily one of the best heals in the game mostly because of the very low Magicka cost. Also it is a very good fail-safe against party members who drop below 20% health.

3. Cleansing Ritual -> Extended Ritual

This is great heal. It puts a giant heal radius around you from where you are standing, but the area is pretty large. Extended Ritual will make you have to cast this less and save some more Magicka.

4. Magelight -> Inner Light

Obvious reasons here. Inner Light gives some crazy Spell Crit Chance up to about 20% I believe. This is great to get the crits on your heals.

5. Circle of Protection -> Ring of Preservation

Increases whoever stands in it armor and spell resist by a large amount. Even more useful against Deadric/Undead/WW in which it doubles the armor and spell resist effects. Preservation is great for the extra health regeneration. I usually try to drop this skill on the tank all the time.

Ultimate. Rite of Passage -> Practiced Incantation

This is a panic button heal. It has a huge radius and the healing amount is crazy high. You pop this is there is too much AoE to heal or someone drops to low health too fast for you to react.

Build on ESOHead

IV. Leveling

(I'll update this part when I get some more time)

V. Rotation



(Ill update this as I get questions)

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Why not 5 light armor for the 5/10% crit bonuses from the light armor passives? For the dungeon set. I've been running 5 light/2 heavy myself.

Interesting take on the solo build stuff though. I've just been trucking as a caster/bruteforcing it with biting jabs and some heavy attack spamming on my resto staff.

I highly recommend looking into Wykyyd's Outfitter too. So you can setup completely different skillsets that you can swap between. So you don't have to have just 2 skillbars, you can have unlimited.

I run about 4 right now. 1 layout for solo, 1 for group rvr, 1 for solo rvr, 1 for dungeons healing.

Great post though, not enough of these guides out there!

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