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Red face Advice on addons

Hi all

Please forgive me for posting such a daft lot of questions.

My husband and I are getting on in years and are both disabled. We are brand new to ESO but not to MMORPGS. We played EQ and EQ2 since shortly after the original EQ started. I had to wait on it being released for my birthday present back in 1999. Before that we kicked off with Ultima online. We were hardcore raiders in the top raiding guild on our server and maintained this pace for about 14 years until illness took over.

We have now decided to start playing again but now at a much more leisurely pace and only a few times a week. Our hands wouldnít stand the pace now for anything different.
Can you lovely folks advise any mods that will make life easier for us also, I donít think Iíd remember how to install mods now so would need instructions. We really want to Potter about, kill mobs, take time to smell the flowers and see the scenery instead of the frenetic pace of rushing home from word, throwing a meal down and logging on to raid till bedtime.

Any advice gratefully received apart from go away you old fogies
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What kind of addons are you looking for?

Aid in combat is limited in ESO for good reasons.
@votan73 (EU - megaserver)
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For addon installation you can do it manually (wouldn't recommand this as most libraries needed for different addons need to be installed like addons as standalone version now and the handling + updating them takes a lot of time if done manually):

Or via the Minion addon manager: https://www.minion.gg/
Please use the 32bit version download link even if you are using a 64bit Operating System (Windows 10 x64) as the 64bit Minion client sometimes got problems.
Download link:

Minion troubleshooting can be found here:
Forum: https://www.esoui.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=183
Thread: https://www.esoui.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8082

For help with the addons and it's depencies ingame (needed libraries e.g.) I recommand this addon to be installed at first:
Votans Addon List: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...AddonList.html

It helps to automatically enable/disable needed/unneeded dependencies so you do not have to manually move your mouse above addons, read the tooltips what is missing, search them in the addon manager list and enable it manually.

Addon management:
Circonians Addon Selector

Inventory handling / UI changes:
AdcancedFilters Updated

Every other addon depends on your needs. If you search something special use the addon search first and search for a name and/or category. Be sure to use addons from the normal categories and not the "outdated/discontinued" ones.
-> If you use Minion you can use the "Find more" button to search for addons, just like here at www.esoui.com

I personally do not recommand updating addons automatically via Minion btw. Just run it once manually before playing and check if there are updates, read the changelog maybe to see if you need a backup of your SavedVariables.

Backup & Restore
Attention: Minion Backup & Restore is not working properly!
So manually backup your live/AddOns and live/SavedVariables folders (the location of the live folder is described here: https://www.esoui.com/forums/faq.php..._howto_install).
I recommand doing a SV backup once a week in order to be able to restore it manually if addon updates destroyed something.
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Thank you guys so much.
I remember that in EQ good maps were invaluable. I thing Iím getting tangled up by clicking my left mouse button and so firing my weapon. Iím sure that will stop. I shall definitely look around and see whatís available.

I must admit, I think the game could be very addictive. We already have paid for a years sub lol
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For a minimap I recommand
Votans Mini Map
It's the big map in small so you see the same marker on it (of the vanilla UI and addons).
Imo the best minimap, and best performing minimap as well.
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Thumbs up Good Luck, And Welcome To ESO!

Originally Posted by Cassandra60 View Post
take time to smell the flowers
If you'd also like to collect the flowers, try HarvestMap. It makes the farmer/collector/completionist in me very happy.

But first, get this: Votan's Addon List

I recommend Azurah if there's anything about the UI you'd like to resize or move.

Best Minimap: Votan's Minimap

Help with travelling around: BeamMeUp
Also: Faster Travel

A must-have for professions: CraftStore

If you don't want to deal with the "lockpicking game" and have it be much easier: FCO Lockpicker

Finding treasures from treasure maps: Lost Treasure

Once you get into stealing: N'Tak' Loot'n'Steal

If you decide to be a vampire: Vampire's Woe

If your computer doesn't keep a steady, high FPS: Votan's Adaptive (Video) Settings

To keep a lot of the vanilla game's settings (not addon settings) on all characters the same (useful if you like to play several characters): Synced Account Settings

Automation of filleting fish: Votan's Fish Fillet

To fix the bug of your weapons getting stuck in the ground or stuck to your shoes: Clutch

To better search the guild stores: AwesomeGuildStore

And I definitely recommend Minion as your addon manager. It takes a lot of hassle out of addons.

And, a lot of addons have separate "libraries" that they use. Or "dependencies". Make sure you check the "Allow out of date add-ons" in the add-ons UI (on the character screen), and if any of them appear red, it means you're missing a library it needs. Simply click the little caret (arrow) beside the addon's name and it'll tell you what you need to install.

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Some good advice in this thread, and don't let anyone tell you you're old fogies. There are a lot of us older players in ESO - after all, that's when you have the time. It's a great game and I hope you enjoy it.
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