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Looking for a specific dds code

Ive recently gotten into editing notes with pictures. I have found a few good lists for doing so but Im specifically looking for Skooma ones. I play on Xbox so I dont have access to look in game like you can on pc. Could someone please help me out? Thanks!
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Never played on XBox, will this help you? https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...TextureIt.html
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Nope I already have that list. Thanks though
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There is no .dds list with images afaik you can only see them via the tool https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...okBrowser.html on PC (reading the PC installation .mnf files) or ingame via TextureIt addon.
Maybe UESP (or http://esoitem.uesp.net/viewlog.php) got some example images but I doubt they got them all.

They provide a icons zip file here (180,8 MB size) and several others like gameUI.zip etc. They contain .png files. The path to them ingame would be the same as the folders in the zip file, you just need to exchange the .png with .dds then.

Check the TextureIt addon file
Open it with a text editor like Notepad++ and search for something. You'lll see the .dds paths in there e.g.
	[8679] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_0.dds",
	[8680] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_1.dds",
	[8681] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_10.dds",
	[8682] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_11.dds",
	[8683] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_12.dds",
	[8684] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_13.dds",
	[8685] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_14.dds",
	[8686] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_15.dds",
	[8687] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_16.dds",
	[8688] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_17.dds",
	[8689] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_18.dds",
	[8690] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_19.dds",
	[8691] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_2.dds",
	[8692] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_20.dds",
	[8693] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_21.dds",
	[8694] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_22.dds",
	[8695] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_23.dds",
	[8696] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_24.dds",
	[8697] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_3.dds",
	[8698] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_4.dds",
	[8699] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_5.dds",
	[8700] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_6.dds",
	[8701] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_7.dds",
	[8702] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_8.dds",
	[8703] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister1_base_9.dds",
	[8704] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister2_base_0.dds",
	[8705] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister2_base_1.dds",
	[8706] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister2_base_2.dds",
	[8707] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister2_base_3.dds",
	[8708] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister2_base_4.dds",
	[8709] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister2_base_5.dds",
	[8710] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister2_base_6.dds",
	[8711] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister2_base_7.dds",
	[8712] = "/art/maps/elsweyr/skoomacatscloister2_base_8.dds",
And those seem to be the only one with skooma in the name.
But those with the maps are some map textures, bigger ones, providing the map layers. They are no "icon".

And you got no preview of them, sorry.
Nothing available for XboX.

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