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[BUG] Several bugs included :(

OK so first one is this window prompt:
EVEN if i click Update Now, its downloading something, restarting and still asking if i want to update

Second one is related to installing addons. I dont know but it just doesnt work for me at all.
Progress bar shows downloading and it persists for hours :/

Last one is not so important but still...
I have manually downloaded 3 addons (which are working fine) and copied them to my ADDONS folder. Unfortunately Minion only shows 3 of them:
Third one is Foundry Tactical Combat which is the most downloaded addon on minion. Strange it doesnt get recognized:

Despite all bugs (which dont let me use this application and will be fixed i hope) its looking really good

Windows 8.1

Minion log : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php...50255251286887
and xml: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php...56747131288750

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Hi mctl87, thanks for the report.

1. Did you install Minion under program files? If so we currently have an issue with windows UAC when Minion wants to update it self. Install Minion in the default location or any place other than program files and windows UAC wont block the update. We are working on a fix for this.

2. Are you using the EU server on ESO? Also looking at your Minion.xml it looks like it may have a problem with a character in your user folder. We are working on a fix for that. If you want to change your windows username and userfolder and delete the minion.xml this might fix the issue you are having until we can get a patch out to fix the problems here.

3. Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into why that is happening and get it fixed. It may be fixed with our addon detection overhaul though coming out soon.

Again thanks for all the information and we will use this to fix Minion and make it better.
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1. Unfortunately, Minion is installed on separate partition, E:/Minion

2. Yes i am using EU Server. Thanks but i will wait, im not goin to change anything in my Users folder since it will involve messing up with registry and there was a time i broke my entire profile after some actions :/
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