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Minion application update and addon folder bugs

Hey guys, just two quick reports here. Most likely these have been mentioned before but I didn't see them on the first page anyway so.

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit

1. Minion states there is a new version available for download, so I accept and restart the application. Nothing has changed. I have noticed I now have a new "Program%20Files" folder on my computer. The newer version doesn't seem to be uploaded at the website so this message sticks.

2. Minion installs Addons to "My Documents/<username>/Elder Scrolls Online/AddOns/live". I have an European ESO client, therefor my AddOns have to be installed in the "Addons/liveeu" folder.
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1. This was fixed with a new client release on minion.mmoui.com. Are you sure you have downloaded and installed Minion2.0.1-beta.exe? It sounds like you have Minion2-beta.exe which is the one with that problem. the issue that is suppose to be fixed is installing Minion in places that have spaces in the directory name. I just tested this gain on my end with Minion2.0.1-beta.exe and it works. You downloaded it from http://minion.mmoui.com right?

2. Correct we are working on a way for Minion to detect if the user is using the EU client. For now you can add a new game, and navigate to the liveeu/addons folder.

Sorry for the trouble
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Thanks for you reply. You were right. Once I completely removed Minion before installing the newer version it updated without any problems.
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