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itemlink comparising allways fails

Hello Guys,

I acutally try to compare 2 itemlinks from the same item. First from the lootwindow via "GetLootItemLink()" and after that when it reaches the inventory over GetItemLink().

When I compare that both itemlinks in the chatlog they look identical and working well, but when I compare them via code did the check allways fail. Did I make something wrong or did the itemlinks differ when they get over different functions?

Lua Code:
  1. recentlootitemlink = GetLootItemLink(lootID)
  2. recentinventoryitemlink = GetItemLink(bagID,slotID)
  4. if recentlootitemlink ~= recentinventoryitemlink then d("wrong...") end
  6. >>> wrong...

Found the problem. The post can be deleted. sorry, for the unconvience.

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Personally, I prefer comparing specific parts of an item link. Item links from different sources, whether it's a default style or not, state of gear, etc. all change an item link, and you don't always care about it. So rather than a straight up equality, you should compare what you care about.
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08/17/19, 12:05 PM   #3
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i guess your problem is: one item link is with brackets, the other without

as far i remember, the itemLink from loot event starts with "|H0" and this one from inventory with "|H1"

ups, didn't read your edit
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