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02/21/14, 12:55 AM   #1
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Guild Wars 2 UI

Hello, I would like pretty much an exact copy of Guild Wars 2's UI. The damage splats (if possible), the boon/condition system and a minimap. I find GW2 UI to be the best as far as competitive PvP goes. It's simple, it tells you everything you actually need to know at a glance and every boon/condition in ESO has a corresponding icon from GW2.

There would obviously be some tweaks to be done but here's an example:
Imagine it without the writing.

The exact numbers could be shown when hovering your mouse over the icons but this basic information at a glance is all I need to know.

Going even further, the added border effects that occur on your screen when, for example, you're blinded and the border of your screen goes white would be fantastic.

Guild Wars 2 UI. Do want!
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03/01/14, 10:39 AM   #2
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So, there's currently 160+ views and no replies. This must be possible. I know nothing about modding but it should be as simple as instead of showing numbers or an exact buff name with a timer (Eg. Immovable 7s), it shows an icon instead (and you can hover over the icon for exact numbers like the current mods show).

This UI is 100X better than the garbage scrolling text that's currently out there and I'm sure other skilled players would like to see this happen.

Or, if someone can start me off in the direction of how you even do it, I'd gladly do it myself if it's possible for someone with zero experience to do.

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