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Take One

Take One
Author: Mightyjo

Depends on:
- LibAddonMenu-2.0
- LibCustomMenu
- LibMarify

Optionally depends on:
- LibDebugLogger
- DebugLogViewer

This add-on provides a context menu option to pull one item from a Bank or Guild Bank stack into your inventory.

The context menu item will only appear when all the preconditions to use it are met
- The source slot is in your Bank or Guild Bank.
- You have permission to withdraw and deposit into the Guild Bank.
- You have 2 free backpack slots (for Guild Bank withdrawals).
- The source stack contains more than 1 item.

Requires 2 free slots in your backpack
When working with the Guild Bank it really just automates the process of withdrawing the whole stack in a bank slot, splitting out one item from the stack, and returning the remaining stack to the Guild Bank. Consequently, you must have 2 free slots in your backpack to withdraw 1 item from a Guild Bank stack. Annoying, but that's what the API allows.

You can turn on debug logging if you're having a problem. If you have DebugLogViewer installed you'll be able to see the add-on working in a UI window. Otherwise, the log is stored in your saved variables whenever you quit or /reloadui.

If you need help leave a comment here or on the add-on page: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info3076-TakeOne.html. If you find a bug open an issue on the GitHub issue tracker at https://github.com/Mightyjo/TakeOne/issues.

Many thanks to the authors whose examples I followed:
- @Marify
- |c66ffff|Valandil|r
- @Architectura
- @Magnum1997
- Wobin
- CrazyDutchGuy
- Ayantir
- silvereyes


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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