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[Open] Chat Functionality /Say

So currently a developer can input text into chat. But the player still has to press enter.
I understand why you wouldn't want people being able to do automate this for channels like guild or zone.

But I am asking that you open it up for the say channel and only the say channel.

Before everybody starts with the obvious what about spam replies.

Say is proximity based and its a rather small area. This would have less of a spam affect then other channels.
And you can always ignore people who are known to spam or move away from them.

For this one channel I don't think it would harm the game any more then people copy pasting into zone.

Background- The reason I am requesting this is I was working on a target calling addon. That was for all purposes finished. I just needed to change it from system to group or say. But discovered I couldn't automate it.
I understand I could use hotkeys. I understand I could use networking to talk to other people who have the same addon.
These would not work for the intended purposes.
I wished it to be lightweight and non-intrusive. And to be able to be used in a manner that non-users in group could benefit from it.
It was even coded so only the party lead could target pick and only when instanced and in combat. So from the beginning my design was mindful of spamming possibilities.
By not having hot keys the lead could simply play the mechanics and not focus on having another thing to worry about.
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