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Any advices for a beginner ?


I just installed the game and it's hard to learn for me. Do you have advices to play please ?

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Welcome to ESO. Have fun playing and do it the way you like to! This is the most important thing. You want to be a heavy tank sorcerer, do it.
You always got time to change everythinmg later on and learn new.

So these are only some basic advices which should help you and your other players around:

-Enable the tutorials in the settings.
-Change the color of enemy effects on the groun in the settings to something more visible for you (like pink maybe) and the helpfull fields to green so you know:
pink-> Get out fast!
green->Stay in it and get heal etc.

Watch the enemies and what tehy cast. Try to interrupt them (right mouse button + left) to get less damage.
if you cannot interrupt them, block (right mouse button) to get less damage.

If you interrupted an enemy and it's head is pointing down and they look tumbling, try a heavy attack and they should fall.

Pleay in groups as it's an MMO Do NOT run and jump around like in other mmos as it will most likely just annoy all other players as youw aste their ressources.
Reason: You get more dmg if you get hit running away from a boss e.g. instead of dodge rolling or blocking.
Healers put heal fields on the ground and if you always run out of it you are wasting their ressources and are killing yourself.
Tanks taunt with sword+board skills and if you run away and not to them with the adds on your back they will just leave you alone instead of trying tow aste magicka for a ranged taunt, so you'll learn how to better play in groups

Support the group by doing lights attacks in between the skills for stamina/magicka ressource gain back (weaving) or doing heavy attacks.

Read the passive skills of your skill trees. They are very powerfull, at least some! Use them (like wear light armor for magicka based playing or medium for stamina based in order to get a good sustain and heal/dmg output).

Only use synergies you really need. If you are at max ressource do not take shards from templars which others could use e.g. Learn what synergies exist by reading skills and morphs of other classes online.
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In ESO the journey is the goal. Listen to quest dialogs, talk to NPCs, explore the world! Rushing to the "end game" will make you miss everything. Don't start installing addons or reading build guides before you even play. Just let it all come slowly and enjoy the experience. You can change everything about your character at any point later on, so there is no pressure.

EDIT: Only exception is the alliance you choose in the beginning when you create the character. If you have friends you may want to play PVP with, you'd have to pick their alliance or you will need to create a new character later.
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One of the big mantras of ESO is, "Play how you want."
Which is great... But what that really means is, "Have fun, play and build your character how you want......
but you may not be viable."
Meaning, putting all your attribute points into magicka because the majority of your class spells you've chosen are magicka based, and then trying to use a 2-handed sword...... is not viable. (2-handed swords, axes, and maces are all made for stamina builds.)
You may be able to kill things and have fun doing it, but you're never going to reach your full potential. And you certainly won't be invited to any trials, I'm sure. lol.

Something I'm surprised hasn't been brought up yet is... Professions!

Most players feel it's best to get started on leveling all of the professions as soon as possible. Whether it be to help make yourself gold, help other players, or craft gear for yourself, etc.
At level 6, you can get certified in each profession, which works as a small tutorial for each.

"When you reach level six a new notice will appear on the noticeboards in all major cities. The notice states that master crafters are willing to share their knowledge on crafting for free, which will allow you to complete writs. There are two master crafters, Millenith and Danel Telleno, who can certify you in three professions each."

It's important to pay attention to what the NPCs Millenith and Danel Telleno tell you.

To quickly level up most professions, you simply deconstruct all of the gear/items you pick up at their respective crafting stations. This isn't how you level alchemy or provisioning, though. I'll let you figure those out.

TL;DR - Get started on leveling your professions ASAP.

Also, I made myself a list of all the game's zones and their most popular cities. I use Ctrl+F (shortcut for "find" function) in the document to search for where I need to go.
I have a problem with knowing which city I need to go to... but not where that city is located. So this document helps me tremendously. You may appreciate it, as well.
Feel free to download it.
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