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Auto Stealth simular to Auto Sheath

(Someone has already informed me this is not a possible Add-On. Ignore me!)

I saw a mod allowing the player to automatically sheath the weapon after combat. Is there possibilatly be a mod to have a character automatically (crouch) after combat? I am a stealth character and it gets really tedious to push the (ctrl) button after every attack.

Last edited by OracularDream : 02/23/14 at 02:22 PM. Reason: My message lacked clarity. I changed made changes for it to be clearer.
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I apologize I think maybe my add on misses clarity:

"In Skyrim you can maintain being crouched while hitting enemies. They changed this for Elder Scrolls Online to were you stand up after you shoot someone and you maintain standing up.

I was curious on if there was a way to program it to were the character can crouch after combat so I don't have to crouch, again, after every battle. With so many enemies spawning it can get tedious. "

Does this make sense? With my character having abilities that are sneak based it makes sense to me that I wouldn't want to have to keep clicking the ctrl button.

It would be a nice add on for dungeons and such.
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not sure about an add-on, but it would seem as though if you have a mouse that has several buttons, you could keybind sneak to a button. Just an idea.
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