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Minion design issues


A couple of months ago we were told that several of the common feedback issues were being resolved and we could expect a new client soon. Some of those include:

1. Inability to resize the window and excessive wasted space in the window both contributing to a very cumbersome user experience
2. Overly large bars for addon lists (wasting space and making it harder to manage/view)
3. Lack of update date information in the addon list
4. Cannot sort by addon date

When can we expect these changes to make it live? I'd like to give Minion a fair chance but to be honest the Curse client is far easier to use than Minion is at the moment and the only reason I use Minion at all now is because of a couple of Addons that aren't on the Curse site. If Minion was improved as described I'd be more inclined to use it but as it is it's just too frustrating to use, comparatively.
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Hi santiagodraco, I'm sorry you must have misunderstood me or I wasn't clear (which I've been known not to be some times). I just said/ment that some of these are good ideas and others are planned features and on our todo list when the thread was posted at the end of March/ start of April. I never gave a time frame.

Right now we are working on bugs that prevent users from even using Minion. Once we can get past these bugs we will be able to work on some of the other things.

We plan to allow Minion to be resized vertically first (not as much work required) then possibly long down the road horizontally too. I think making the UI resize vertically will resolve some of the space issues people have.

As for making the list rows smaller I thanked the few people for their feedback however there is feedback that people also like the wider rows. So I think we may need to add an option feature to allow users to select the display type, the current default and maybe a more table like format? Again this will probably take some time.

I do apprecaite your feedback but please understand we dont have a development team like ZeniMax so we can't move as fast in development. I hope once we can stomp these few remaining bugs we can start moving forward with things like this but I can not give an ETA because some of these bugs are fairly large rabbit holes.

Hopefully as time goes on Minion will become something you like design wise. I'm sorry if I gave you a false impression of how fast we will be able to get to these suggestions. I'd love to have a team the size of ZeniMax and get to all these features right now. We even have some big plans for the future I wish we could work on right now.

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