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Unhappy XP grinding

hey guys so i nee dsome help! i absolutly hate questing!! it is the most boring thing ever! i love Pvp but sadly i am only level 23! so i can not do much!! i do enjoy xp grinding quite a bit but its not really getting me anywhere very fast! i need some tips! thanks
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I have three options to suggest; the first requires ESO plus or the Orsinium package, the second and third are doable by all players.

There is a delve called "Argent Mine" in Orsinium that has an infinity loop of enemies. It's rarely populated, and usually the folks running through are soloing and are willing to group for their run. If you want to have controlled encounters, over and over again, this is a great place to go.

The next place I'll mention is the "Cliff's of Failure" in Cold Harbor. If you don't have a Cold Harbor way-shrine, find a guildy who does, or post in zone chat that you'll pay 500-1000 gold to anyone who will group with you and port you there.

Also in Cold Harbor, there is a group dungeon near the wayshrine closest to the Cliff's Of Failure containing three towns being sucked into Cold Harbor. Tons of mobs there, though they don't re-spawn very quickly.

Edit: Dear god, how old is this post? 2014? I appologize ESOUI community..... I somehow missed the amount of rust covering this thread and Necro'ed it.

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has to be 10 chars long
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Seeing as that was nearly 4 years ago: I hope he's gotten past lv 23.
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can confirm he has made it to lvl 24, fear not

Originally Posted by Rhyono View Post
Seeing as that was nearly 4 years ago: I hope he's gotten past lv 23.
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