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Minion "this is what we use" suggestion

Would it be possible to have Minion output an HTML or other formatted document with all the add-ons we use. For those of us who want to publish which addons we use. So name of addon, link to its website, etc. Pretty much what we see on the Minion addon page.

Minion could of course add a "managed by Minion" with a link to the software.

Instead of me having to labouriously type everything in manually...
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Minion.xml already is there.
In your users folder -> .minion

But you shouldn't change it! Else your installed addondata might be corrupt.
So backup the file before opening it!

It contains the games you have installed/Added
<game-config game-id="ESO" scannable="true"/>
The game-id is the unique idnetifier you need to search for in the line that looks like this to get the valid "game" where the addons are installed:

<game addon-path="QzpcVXNlcnNccHppZWdcRG9jdW1lbnRzXEVsZGVyIFNjcm9sbHMgT25saW5lXGxpdmVcQWRkT25z" auto-update="false" display-name="Elder Scrolls Online" game-id="ESO" unique-game-id="ESO-1">
This line is the "headline" of the installed addons FOR the game with the id game-id shown in Minion.

The addons for that game are listed then following to the <addons> opening tag:
<addon md5="e12b62b9c9a781078af64a19a1a7d51d" ui-version="2.1" uid="477">

<addon md5="165aa56ee2ed332ab0ff56157c7f22b2" ui-version="0.5a" uid="1012">
Means the addon Addonprofiles is instaleld with version 2.1
and AFK with version 0.5a

You could use this file, parse it via xml parsing tools and dump your needed data.

You can use these website to load the xml file:
And then activate the "tree mode view" so you are able to see the addons more easily.

The 2nd link provides a download as CSV file.
You'll get a list with the addons like this in the csv:
So you could open the file via Excel or any other tool like Google Spreadsheet and copy&paste the entries to share themw ith your friends.
Only the version number is missing there in the same line.

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