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I'm about to lose my mind

1 week ago I decided to start ESO again. I downloaded the game then tried to add some addons. First I couldn't find ESO file in documents. Through searching it, I found it then moved it to documents. Then I tried to use Minion but it didn't open. Then I fixed that issue with changing its install location. Now I couldn't download any addon via Minion. When I install addons manually, Minion recognizes them but game doesn't. Please help I've been struggling for 1 week and I think I'm about to lose my sanity.
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There are so many threads in the forums about Minion cannot find my addons or cannot see my addons ingame or addons missing etc....
Did you even search for them?

Don't get me wrong but this is getting to be annoying if everyone asks the same and ALL the information in the sticky threads, the "how to install addons" etc. are not even LOOKED at.

In short:
Go ingame, create a sreenshot and watch the path name shown at the top right corner of the game, as you press the screenshot key.
This is the path where your addons also should be located in the subfolder AddOns.
Normally this will be:
c:\users\your user\documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns but it can also be somewhere else.

Alternative find of your correct addon folder:
Login, play for 1 min, change a setting ingame in the vanilla game settings (E.g. naemplates), logout.
Search for the file AddOnSettings.txt or UserSettings.txt on your harddrives/SSDs and the file with the newest update date and time (the date and time you have currently played) will be the file which folder your game is using.
So there should be the AddOns folder where Minion or you update your addons to.

If you use OneDrive by Microsoft: Disable it for your documents folder in the OneDrive settings as Minion and ESO cannot work properly if this is enabled.

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@Baertram thank you for consideration. it worked.
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