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YO Minion Fix to Try

Java dev here.

Had the same sorts of issues everyone else had installing Minion.

Tried all the "superstitious behaviour" fixes people have listed and eventually got it installed and running.

Some did nothing useful and I was not at all comfortable with most of the "fixes" because as a dev they made little sense to me in terms of cause and effect.
e.g. I waited 8 minutes and restarted the app and then it magically worked...what??

Well it recently crashed and corrupted my config XML (where is the auto-backup?!) and I was back to square one.

While I was trying to work out the ACTUAL issue and a fix that does not involve sacrificing chickens at midnight, I stumbled upon the ".junique" folder in the user directory.

Realised that it is what they are using to stop two instances accessing files and ports.


The app was doing all the usual annoying things such as failing to display anything on the gui and failing to load existing addons.
When I manually deleted the ".junique" folder, the app kick into gear and refreshed all the addons and started working.

You need to WAIT for it to update existing addons which can take a while (you will not get any feedback in the gui - only the log) AND then restart the app since the GUI appears to stay blank after certain operations/bugs including this one.

I can understand why people are trying all sorts of weird fixes now - the app will appear to just start working after a while because the locks get auto-released and it can work again. So you think what fixed it was whatever desperate action you took last!

Hope this helps someone not waste precious levelling hours screaming at their computer.

Fixes/features that are needed IMHO:

- Feedback when a file/port lock fails to bind so the user actually knows something is wrong.
Leaving them with a blank gui and no feedback is just cruel.

- More help on how to release the locks manually - or have the app do it.

- Backup the existing XML before writing any changes. Even a single backup each time would be better than nothing. (yes I am aware you can manually back it up - you should not have to)

- If the GUI is going to stay blank because of a critical failure, let the user know and let them restart at the correct time.

- Progress bars...

Disclaimer: This is just from what I saw on my machine for my problems.
No chickens were harmed in the making of this post that were not deep-fried after and served with coleslaw.

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