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API PvE vs PvP

Hey guys

I have several questions relating to the API. I'm currently not sure if the behavior is intended or not, so I might add a few threads later to the whislist or bug report section.

I have 2 issues with the API.

Let's start with the EVENT_COMBAT_EVENT event:
In the PvE world, i'll get a lot of data. In PvP i won't. I guess this might be related to some issues previously caused by Miats PvP Alerts. But i'm not sure about that.

Is this the expected behavior? Even for the case that group members are involved (can't see anything of them unless it directly affects me). Are there other ways (e.g. another event or a simple api call that could provide more information on what is happening)?

The second issue is related to GetUnitBuffInfo(unitTag, buffIndex):
This API call seems to be quite a bit strange. It seems to work in PvE quite well. Yet, in PvP the behavior seems to be quite strange (and has changed a little bit over time). Sometimes, I see some sort of debuffs on group members. This sometimes depends on the group size (the bigger the group the less reliable it is). Something else I've noticed is that some debuffs are only shown if you are far far away (200m+ or so).

Is this behavior intended or a bug?

Does anyone know if ZOS made any statements regarding these two issues? Or can anyone provide some additional insights?
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Now, I can't comment on whether any specific behaviour is intended or not, since it isn't my area of expertise. However, in general, it is correct behaviour. In PvP, ZOS has locked down a lot of stuff in the API. This is due in part but not solely due to Miat's, but also just a general goal to not allow unfair advantages in PvP. In Pve, you aren't competing against others (ignoring leaderboards) so opening up the API is a lot less risky.
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In PvE environments you only get data for events that are caused by you or affect you.
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