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Resource display around reticle

Unless I put a unit frame right in the middle of my screen, it's very easy for me to lose track of them: chalk it up to being very close to the screen due to bad eyesight or just tunnel vision in critical moments. I've always wanted to have an unobstrusive display centered on the reticle that shows ult, stam, mag, health, and shield size.

I think I remember seeing a t3hasiangod video where he had something like that on his screen but I don't actually know what it was tracking, if anything. It was a desaturated magenta colour, kind of like this:

in my mind, I imagine something like this, though it would only run something like 1/3 of the perimeter of the circle :

This could just be a red line on top of the reticle growing from the center, an orange line stacked directly above for shields, blue and green lines for mag and stam on either side, and a white line for ultimate that animates when ult cost is reached. They could be semi-transparent.
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05/24/20, 05:11 AM   #2
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Search in the addons for "hud" and you will find something liek this:

Maybe it still works.
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You can choose a similar style to that on Bandits User Interface - which is still being maintained.

Maybe others (LUI / AUI / FTC) support similar styles as well...

But I can't really think of something closer to the reticle
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Thanks for the clues, I'll try BanditUI. I was imagining something covering about a 100*100px area around the reticle, but maybe this will do or I'll tape something together based on those addons.

I happened to find a video of t3hasiangod with some circle around his reticle, it looks like it might be tracking resources? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eamXIoFfGEA

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