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Post AddOn Request: PvP/Target Finish Him

Is there a AddOn that says the line "Finish Him" when your targeted enemy, like in PvP, gets to around 15%? The AddOn would proc an audio file for it that the volume could be adjusted for, or tied into the in game voice settings? Maybe also allow it to frame selectable abilities that can execute or something else, and have an adjustable cooldown so it doesn't get spammed to often. Something like that would be cool
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Addons cannot play any audio files, only internal sounds of the SOUNDS table (which does not contain anything like that, just ding or book page turn sounds).
Volume neither can be changed, there is only a "trick" to play the same sound multiple times "over another" which makes it sound a bit louder.

Please use the addon search and search for "execute" and you wil lfind example addons of your need.
e.g. https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...uteAssist.html

Maybe the authors there will be able to assist and add new features, if they are possible.

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-Shameless self promotion warning-

I've patched/updated an addon by Jan/mooNylo's which sounds like it's what you're perhaps after (but currently without sound).
ExecuteNow - Update - it shows an alert on screen (moveable via settings) which allows for a custom execute %, time out, target's minimum total HP (to bother with the alert), and size/opacity tweaks.

Jan/mooNylo's original neglected non-class based executes (such as the 2 Handed weapon's "Reverse Slash") and lacked the Warden and Necromancer class.

Currently it shows the prompt once the target's health drops to the defined % even when your Ult is not ready so in its current state the update may be a little spammy - I do plan on fixing this as soon as time permits & may add a sound option once it's not as "spammy" (as Baertram noted, we're limited to ingame sounds currently)

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Thanks PlaceHolder

Thanks man, that works! One thing I might ask though is if it might be possible to add a border that fades in and out using every .5 sec or so opacity, and has a few colors to choose from, like a 2nd style instead of text?
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