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11/04/18, 05:25 AM   #1
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Harvest Map

Hi all,

Having a problem with Harvest Map.

All was working well until I updated a few days ago, through Minion.

Since then I get these error messages:

The HarvestMap AddOn was installed incorrectly. The AddOn should be installed as: 'AddOns/HarvestMap/' instead of 'AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/'

Followed by :

user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/Pins/QuickPins.lua:165: operator / is not supported for nil / number
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/Pins/QuickPins.lua:165: in function 'QP_WorldMapPins:UpdateSize'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = tbl, layout = tbl, minSize = 8 </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/Pins/QuickPins.lua:157: in function 'QP_WorldMapPins:New'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = tbl, layout = tbl, factory = user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/Pins/QuickPins.lua:150, reset = user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/Pins/QuickPins.lua:151, pinManager = tbl </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/Pins/QuickPins.lua:237: in function 'lib:RegisterPinType'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = tbl, pinType = "HrvstPin1", callback = user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/Pins/MapPins.lua:244, layout = tbl </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/Pins/MapPins.lua:258: in function 'MapPins:RegisterResourcePinTypes'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = tbl, emptyFunction = user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/Pins/MapPins.lua:244, _ = 1, pinTypeId = 1, pinType = "HrvstPin1", layout = tbl </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/Pins/MapPins.lua:377: in function 'MapPins:Initialize'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = tbl </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/HarvestMap.lua:337: in function 'Harvest.OnLoad'
|caaaaaa<Locals> eventCode = 65536, addOnName = "HarvestMap" </Locals>|r

I know it's a wall of text and apologise, but thought it best to put everything in.

I've deleted the addon and downloaded again with same result. I've also deleted and put in manually by-passing Minion.

I know it's not a game breaker, but I've sort of got used to all the pins

Any help would be greatly appreciated by this here not so tech savvy guy.


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11/04/18, 06:24 AM   #2
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Please post addon related error messages to the addon comments itsself:

If I remember correctly this error was fixed with an update of HarvestMap.
Did you update to the newest version and read the addon description + changelog if there is something to manually do during/before update?
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11/07/18, 02:10 AM   #3
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Hi, thanks for getting back to me.

Sorry for late response, but life gets in the way sometimes.

I updated through Minion initially, and I must admit, I didn't read any notes.

I've uninstalled/re-installed a few times again with same errors.

Is there something I'm missing when uninstalling that's creating the errors on a fresh install?

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11/07/18, 03:09 AM   #4
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The HarvestMap AddOn was installed incorrectly. The AddOn should be installed as: 'AddOns/HarvestMap/' instead of 'AddOns/AddOns/HarvestMap/'

Inside your addon folder is another addon folder that contains an outdated harvest map version.

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