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05/11/22, 08:38 AM   #1
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HarvestRoute translations wanted: IT, RU, JP, ES, PT, BR

Hello dear fellow players,

for my Addon "HarvestRoute" I would love to have translations other than DE / EN:

These are the english snippets (EN)

  ["addonsettingstext"] = "The HarvestRoute Tour Tracker uses a separate range for node detection. Usually this should be considerably lower than the normal detection range to make sure, that you actually walked very close to a node to be added.",
  ["routenodes"] = "Visited Nodes and Farming Helper",
  ["routerangemultiplier"] = "Tour tracking node range",
  ["routerangemultipliertooltip"] = "Nodes within X meters are considered as visited by the tour tracker.",
  ["enabletrackerwindow"] = "enable Tracker window",
  ["enabletrackerwindowtooltip"] = "display tour info, nearest resource, and the last node from tour",
  ["showtrackerwindow"] = "always show Tracker window",
  ["showtrackerwindowtooltip"] = "if disabled, the Tracker window will only be shown once you activate the Tracker",
  ["trackeractive"] = "Tracker is active",
  ["trackerinactive"] = "Tracker is off",
  ["pathinfomissing"] = "no tour active",
  ["pathinfotitle"] = "current tour:",
  ["pathinfo"] = "<<1>> nodes (<<2>> m length)",
  ["nearestnodetitle"] = "nearest resource:",
  ["nearestnodetooltip"] = "the nearest resource to your position, that is not included in the current tour",
  ["lastpathnodetitle"] = "last resource from tour:",
  ["lastpathnodetooltip"] = "new nodes will be inserted after this node",
  ["nodeinfounknown"] = "no node within 50m",
  ["tourtrackerdescription"] = [[Use the tour tracker to automatically insert new nodes after the last visited node included in your tour.  
  If there is no tour yet, one will be created after you visited at least 3 nodes.
  ["buttonstarttracker"] = "Enable tracking",
  ["buttonstoptracker"] = "Disable tracking",
And German snippets (DE):
  ["addonsettingstext"] = "Der HarvestRoute Tracker verwendet eine eigene Einstellung für die Reichweite der Node-Erkennung. Diese sollte normalerweise deutlich kleiner als die Sammel-Reichweite sein um sicherzustellen, dass nur Nodes hinzugefügt werden, die gezielt angelaufen wurden.",
  ["routenodes"] = "Visited Nodes and Farming Helper",
  ["routerangemultiplier"] = "Tracking Node Reichweite",
  ["routerangemultipliertooltip"] = "Nodes innerhalb von X Metern werden vom Tracker hinzugefügt bzw. als zuletzt besuchte Tour-Node berücksichtigt.",
  ["enabletrackerwindow"] = "Tracker-Fenster anzeigen",
  ["enabletrackerwindowtooltip"] = "Zeigt Farmtour-Infos, die nächste Resource und die letzte Resource der aktuellen Tour",
  ["showtrackerwindow"] = "Tracker Fenster automatisch anzeigen",
  ["showtrackerwindowtooltip"] = "Wenn ausgeschaltet wird der Tracker nur angezeigt wenn Du das Tracking startest",
  ["trackeractive"] = "Tracker läuft",
  ["trackerinactive"] = "Tracker ist aus",
  ["pathinfomissing"] = "keine Tour aktiv",
  ["pathinfotitle"] = "aktuelle Tour:",
  ["pathinfo"] = "<<1>> Nodes (<<2>> m lang)",
  ["nearestnodetitle"] = "dichteste Resource:",
  ["nearestnodetooltip"] = "Die am nächsten gelegene Resource, die noch nicht in der Tour enthalten ist",
  ["lastpathnodetitle"] = "letzte Resource der Tour:",
  ["lastpathnodetooltip"] = "Neue Nodes werden nach dieser Resource-Node in der Tour eingefügt",
  ["nodeinfounknown"] = "keine Node innerhalb von 50 m",
  ["tourtrackerdescription"] = [[Nutze den Tracker um neue Nodes automagisch  nach der zuletzt besuchten Node einzufügen.  
Wenn noch keine Tour existiert, wird nach der 3. Node eine erstellt.
  ]]  ,
  ["buttonstarttracker"] = "Aktiviere Tracking",
  ["buttonstoptracker"] = "Deaktiviere Tracking",
Thank you in advance!

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05/12/22, 10:48 AM   #2
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I could take care of the French translation.
Do you have a repository on Github?

Otherwise let me know what you want to do.
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05/12/22, 04:11 PM   #3
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Sadly, I do not have a github repository, I just use the ESOUI-Git: http://git.esoui.com/?a=summary&p=HarvestRoute

If you simply post it here I can do the "work" of copy-pasting it. You'll get credit ofc

(I have to add some color codes, which I removed from the version here)
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