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Installation and Set Up Instructions

(Note: Please be sure to make a backup of your AddOn and Saved Variables folders before running Minion.)

Click image to go to the Minion site for download.

When you click the download button, you will get a prompt asking where you want to save it. We recommend you just save it to your desktop.

Click thumbnail images to see full sized images.

When it is finished downloading, you値l see this cute little guy sitting on your desktop.

Double click on the icon to start the installer. The first thing you will be presented with is a security warning, asking if you are sure you want to run the application. Obviously, you should say Yes.

Next it will ask you if you want to install Minion. Again, we壇 recommend you use the Yes option.

Now it will ask you where you want to install Minion. The best choice, especially for Windows users, is to just accept the default install path it supplies you with. (Windows gets cranky if you try to install it in certain folders, so it痴 easiest to just go with it. Darn UAC.)

Then it wants to find out where you would like the shortcuts for it.

It値l give you one more opportunity to change your mind about installation and shortcut locations.

Then it値l go through the process of actually installing it on your computer. When it is finished, it will give you a pretty little 的知 finished screen, on which it will give you the option to launch Minion right away. Hit Finish and away we go.

When you start Minion up, you値l get a loading screen.

Next you値l have to agree to our End User License Agreement. (This only triggers on the first installation, or if there are any changes to it.)

After you致e agreed to it, you can log in with your Esoui user account if you have one, register for an account if you don稚 already have one, or just use Minion as a guest if that is your wish. If you are registering a new account, it'll pop open a window that goes to the main Zam site where you can set up an account.

Once that is done, Minion asks you to pick the game you池e setting it up for.

At that point, Minion needs you to find your AddOn folder. Please note: ESO only creates the AddOn folder AFTER you have logged in to the game at least once. If you try to set up Minion before you致e logged in to the game at least once, Minion will not be able to find the AddOn folder. Please make sure to log in to the game at least once before trying to set up Minion.

Congrats, now you are all done and Minion is ready to take care of your addons for you!

Finally, if Minion has an update for itself, it will ask you if you want to install it now or install it later.

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