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Lightbulb [!!! Troubleshooting guide for Minion - Read before post !!!]

This thread is a list of common problems and solutions for Minion. Please do not post any questions here (Create a new thread for questions/support).
  1. Download Minion with 32bit instead of 64bit even if you use a 64bit Operating System!
  2. Check if your username contains any non-latin characters (e.g. kyrillic)! If so rename your windows username to only contain latin chars as Minion won't support non-latin chars in the windows username! You could also create a new windows user with admin rights and after updating the addons copy them over to the other windows user you actually play with.
  3. Uninstall Minion.
  4. Delete/rename the minion.xml file to say minion to reset all settings -> See the path above:
  5. If it refuses to work with the default installation path choose something not within c:\users, like c:\Minion
  6. Start Minion with priviledged administrator rights, if the addons are not updated or it fails to access the default installation folder c:\users ... (right click the link of Minion on your desktop/start menu, choose "Properties" and then choose "Start as administrator" in the enhanced settings.)
  7. If ESO fails to find addons or Minion fails to update addons (just does nothing after you clicked "Update"):
    Remove all Elder Scrolls Online related files like AddOns and SavedVariables from your OneDrive if you use OneDrive! Put it to the standard c:\users\your windows username\documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live folder again
    or disable the sync (at Onedrive settings) of your c:\users\...\docments folder to OneDrive!
    If you allow OneDrive to synch your documents folder it will make a link from C:\Users\...\Documents\ to C:\Users\...\OneDrive\Documents\
    ESO and Minion and other files that expected to access the files at C:\Users\...\Documents\ then will access them at OneDrive instead, making OneDrive synch them to the cloud and locking the files which might make ESO stop working or minion stop updating them!
    So disable the documents synch or ESO / minion might fail to work.
  8. If it says "Cannot connect" or Updates are no working, or it says "Connection timeout" in the minion.log file
    Open the minion.log file with a text editor (Notepad e.g.) and search for
    "Connect to [] failed: Connection refused:"
    (Attention: The is not in there then, it's just an example and shows your IP address e.g.
    Simply search for "Connect to" and check if the end of that line says "refused" -> If this is the case your Internet is blocking access to the ESOUI addons download website!

    Be sure to allow Minion in your antivirus + firewall software (also within Windows Defender!). Search online for Whitelist/allow/exclusion and your antivirus/firewall software and/or router website/app to check how this will be done.
    Also allow acess to the "" website in your router app/website.

    2023-07: Especially if you use "Eero" as your router: It had an update and is blocking this website all of sudden. Allow it again in your Eero router app/config page!
  9. After a fresh installation/new chosen addon directory minion sometimes refuses to show the addons! It will just kind of hang at "Loading <game name> addons", or similar.
    Please wait ~5 Minutes and restart Minion then. If it still fails to show them, restart it again after a few minutes. If after 5 times the addons are not shown read the sticky thread how to report a bug and post your minion.xml and log files please.

    If your Minion is not showing anything (black/blank "Find more" etc.). Close it, delete the Minion.xml file and then start it again and let minion fail to add the game through the automatic scan feature ONCE! After that you can add the addons folder manually and it should populate the contents properly then.
  10. If Minion does not start do not close the client (check if the minion process is still active via the task manager) and check the log file's end what is the last thing written in there. e.g. "Ping ...." and then nothing more ? -> Your network is not able to reach the minion servers.
    Check if you use a proxy server to connect to the internet and disable it so Minion can start. Then check the Minion settings in the Minion UI (top right corner -> gear icon left to the small i) and setup your proxy in there properly.
  11. If Minion won't open check if the windows system tray got a small Minion icon (red rectangle icon with white eye in it), right click it and choose "Reset position". If there is no minion icon in the system tray check if it is hidden behind the small upwards triangle icon of windows, left to the clock in the system bar (hidden system tray icons).
  12. Read other forum threads in here to check what other problems like ipv4 versus ipv6 + java could be the issue and use the fixes/info given in those threads then.
  13. If Minion is not able to connect to the internet (e.g. addon updates are saying "Updating...." forever or Minion is not starting at all) try to open a Windows CMD prompt (press WINDOWS KEY, type cmd, right click found entry "Command prompt" and choose "Run as administartor") and enter this command:

    setx _JAVA_OPTIONS
    Attention: You may have to restart your computer in order to make the changes to the Java network environment apply!

  14. If Minion starts but addons wont be recognized change inside the Minion settings the folder depth to search through so all subfolders get scanned properly.
  15. The esoui addon categories "developer utilities" and "outdated & discontinued" will never show inside Minion. Dev. utilities have to be installed manually as they are meant to be used by addon developers and outdated & discontinued explains itsself -> do not use it anymore

Troubleshooting Minion on MAC:
-If Minion won't start because of any security warning:
After you install minion from the dmg the first time loading you have to right click the icon in applications and choose open, then you should be able to open it. After that you can just click the icon like normal.

-If your Minion is starting but shows an empty directory selection popup: Check if you use any drive with a special character like ' and remove it:
1. Open Finder
2. Navigate to Go --> Go to Folder
3. Enter /Volumes/
4. Here you will see all the volumes that you have on your Mac. If you have Time Machine, you may see folders with names such as "Joe's Backups".
5. Remove the apostrophe in the name (maybe also removes spaces)
For Mac Sonoma: (Full thread) or ("How to" instructions)

Minion by JAVA
If you cannot get the Minion exe (Windows) or dmg (Mac) executable to work you could also install the Java JRE from Sun (Mac/windows/Linux:
and download Mionion's Java file ( -> Java) and extract it to your documents folder.
run this command
java -jar ~/Documents/Minion3.0.11-java/Minion-jfx.jar
(where ~/Documents/Minion3.01-java is the path where you have extracted the Minion Java files to. On Windows this would be e.g. c:\users\yourWindowsUserName\documents\...)
to execute the base Java jar file of Minion, instead of the executable wrapper around it.

Minion on Linux (e.g. SteamDeck)
A "Flatpack" Minion version can be found at the Minion download section now.

Quick tutorial on how to install Minion onto a Steam Deck or generally any Linux distro as it's in a flatpak.
Video by Zastrix:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak install gg.minion.Minion

You can use flatseal if you need to allow the flatpak sandbox additional access rights.

When posting for support/help please include your minion.xml and minion.log. There should always be a minion.log file if the Minion program starts. If Minion doesn't start and there is no minion.log make sure to include that fact in your thread.

Press the windows key, enter %USERPROFILE% and press return key.
Inside the file explorer opened folder search for the directory ".minion".
Open it and in there should be the minion.xml file and minion.log.

Additional information on these files can be found here.

* Special thanks to Baertram for this list!

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