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HowTo: AddOn dependencies

Dependencies (e.g. libraries) of AddOns

Dependencies are other AddOns or libraries, which must be enabled in-game in order to let your addon in question work properly.

Libraries are a special kind of AddOn. They are re-usable code which can be installed e.g. once so that multiple AddOns are able to benefit from it (e.g. zone information, quest information, item sets, …).

The in-game AddOn manager is a tool provided by the game developers to let you enable/disable the AddOns of your choice.
It lists the addon in a scrollable list, sorted by their name alphabetically.
In the in-game AddOn manager you are able to see the AddOns and the libraries in 2 separated sections.
At the top there are the AddOns (1, see 1st screenshot below),
and at the bottom the libraries, below the headline “Libraries” (3, see 2nd screenshot below).

To use the in-game AddOn manager you got 2 possibilities, after starting and logging in to the game:
1st) At the character selection screen choose the entry Add-Ons at the left menu.
You are able to preset the AddOns for all of your characters, or select a character from the dropdown list to preset them only for
the selected character.
After loading into the game world the addons for the loading character will be used like defined in your list here.

2nd) Choose a character at the character selection screen and as you loaded into the game world press ESC and choose "Add-Ons"
from the menu at the left.
Changing the AddOns here will only change the AddOns and libraries for the currently logged in character!

You are able to combine both ways of changing the AddOn's state.

1st screenshot

2nd screenshot

The checkbox “Allow out of date add-ons” (2, see 1st screenshot above) will enable those addons
to be selectable at the AddOn manager again, which are “Out of date”, and thus totally disabled (not selectable).
“Out of date” does not mean they are not working anymore!
It’s just a comparison of a value stored in the txt file of the addon/library to the currently internal in-game APIVersion (number comparison).
If the APIversion in the txt file is lower than the current APIversion, the game “assumes” the AddOn is not up2date anymore.
So just enable this checkbox if it is disabled. If anything won’t work it’s not because of this checkbox but because of the AddOns itself which might need an update.
This checkbox will be automatically disabled after major patches by ZOs. So please re-enable it again. It’s not done automatically!
Be patient after major updates as there could be game changes which break a lot of AddOns at the same time.
Disable all addons and give the developers some time (days, weeks) to fix this in their free time, instead of reporting the same error
messages about non-working AddOns, directly after a patch. Thank you.

Dependency type
These dependencies can be optional, or not.
Optional dependency: Another addon or library which might be needed for the addon in question.
If the dependency is missing the addon is still able to work and can be activated in the in-game addon manager.
The AddOn might throw error messages in that case, but must not.
Must dependency: Another addon or library which must be installed and enabled in the in-game
addon manager in order to enable the addon in question at all.
The AddOn will not load in total in that case.

Enabling/Disabling a dependency
Start the game, login, and check the in-game AddOn manager.
You are able to set the checkmark at the checkboxes to the left of the AddOn's name to enable them,
or remove the checkmark in the box to disable it again.
The in-game AddOn manager at the character selection screen got a 3rd state at these checkboxes.
The checkmark will be a filled checkbox, if you have selected the "All characters" entry from the dropdown box.
If the checkbox is filled this means "some characters got it enabled, and some got it disabled".

Missing dependencies
A missing dependency can have 2 reasons:
It is not installed at all. You need to install it like a normal AddOn as well.
It is installed but not enabled in the in-game AddOn manager.

Where do I see what dependencies an AddOn got?
It usually is written at top of the description page of an addon,
at top/inside of the changelog
or at the comments section (first comment, as sticky post) of the addon.

You can directly check the in-game AddOn manager as well.
It shows you the needed dependencies if you click on the addon name and expand it
(small right arrow icon left of the name):

If a dependency of an AddOn is missing you are able to see it directly in the in-game AddOn manager’s list,
at the right column. The text "Dependency” is indicating it.

The expanded addon will show you the details about the dependencies:
White entries are installed and enabled dependencies.
Red entries are missing dependencies!
-If the dependency is installed the text “(Disabled)” is shown next to the dependency name.
-If the dependency is totally missing (not installed yet) the text line will be simply red w/o the text “Disabled”.

Install dependencies
Logout AND close the game ESO!
Dependencies / Libraries might be not working properly if you try to install or update them as you are logged in
to the game. Better log out before installing them and close the game in order to let the in-game AddOn manager
detect all new/changed dependencies and their load-order properly after you have downloaded/updated them.

Install your dependencies via Minion
You are able to use the Minion AddOn manager to install a dependency as dependencies are AddOns as well.
Just search for them in the tool and install them via the buttons in the tool.

Manually install your dependencies
Download the named dependencies and just install them like a normal addon to your ESO AddOns folder.
Here is a description how to manually install any addon (a dependency is an AddOn as well, even if it is a library):
How do I download, extract and manually install my AddOns/dependencies/libraries

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