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Out Of Date Addons

Out Of Date Addons

Yet again there seems to be some concern over users that ask why a mod says it is out of date. If it wasn't a concern then I wouldn't have seen a popular author post about an updated link explaining the insignificance of the checkbox.

So I thought I would search for other users opinions. I found an older video that explains some things and even explains that if you just can't stand seeing the text "Out Of Date" you can edit a file and that will not show anymore. The video even mentions if you are not that comfortable editing the file then don't do it because it isn't updating or fixing anything to begin with.

Youtub Video by Miss Bizz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMJ5SPEA5Xs

This spoiler contains some links to other posts where people asked about the checkbox.

There is no compatibility mode

Checking out of date does not work like the windows compatibility mode. So it will not force an older mod to function differently or work better by checking that box.

What it does not do

Checking the box that says out of date does not mean any of the following.

- That the mod will not have errors
- That the mod will not cause conflicts with other mods
- That the mod author needs to edit any file so it doesn't say out of date
- That the mod author needs to update the mod to work with the current version of the game
- That the mod isn't silently breaking the game even though no errors pop up on the screen

What can users do

In the steam community link one of the users asked some questions. They were very reasonable and I'm sure most people wonder about this.
What do we need to do to get add-ons working again?

Is there a way to get add-ons to automatically look for updates?

Or do we need to manually find, download, and install updates for all of the add-ons?
Minion: https://www.minion.gg/
Troubleshooting Minion: https://www.esoui.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8082

The answer to all of that is basically yes, update your mods. Nothing is going to automatically happen. As a user you need to use Minion to update your mods. If you manually install mods then you need to update everything you use. Using older mods leads to errors that simply do not happen when you have up to date mods.

The most annoying error report I have seen in the last few months was that some users claimed to not be able to use the Transitus Wayshrines in Cyrodiil if certain mods were enabled. This is a perfect example of a user that did not update all their mods.

I asked for a users Addons folder that claimed to have that issue. After making that users folder my Addons folder and after updating all the mods I had no issues using the Transitus Wayshrines in Cyrodiil. The user simply had not updated all of the mods they use.

You already know all this, correct?

All that I mentioned above has been the same since the game launched. Just editing a file to change a number from 100028 to 100031 does not change the functionality of a mod. I understand that some users may not want to see the "Out Of Date" notification but asking a mod author to update a number in a text file to get rid of it does not update the mod at all or ensure that it will work any differently.

Two Questions

First Question

As users what do you think that checkbox does? Is that checkbox confusing? Should it be changed to something like Allow pre-dated Addons? Do you need a tutorial that pops up after an update explaining that the checkbox is to prevent not being able to load your game after an update?

Second Question: Expectations

When you use a mod that you like and the author changes the number in the file so it doesn't say out of date, but the author didn't change anything, didn't add any new features, how do you feel better about that?

What are your expectations? Maybe nothing needs updated and that's why nothing was changed. What if it doesn't say out of date but it still has errors? Do you want the update to include new features? Maybe nobody requested a new feature. If you wanted a new feature did you request it? Maybe someone requested a future but that request was declined. Did you read previous posts so you are not bothering the author with repeat questions? Maybe there is a mod that provides a feature the user wants and that feature doesn't need to be duplicated in the author's mod. Did you look for other mods that add features you want?

User understanding

So from a users perspective, what is your understanding of everything and what are the answers to those two questions?
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