This past week I released a new addon CyrHUD and a major reworking of AutoInvite.

CyrHUD is a quick, clean display of what battles are going on in Cyrodiil. I really liked how polished it's turned out for 1.0, and I made the code modular enough to add other status events going forward.

For AutoInvite, one of my original goals was to NOT have to wade through menus to change settings. To get to the addon menu is several clicks and not at all quick. So I started with only slash commands, which made it quick and easy to get started, but limited moving forward. I didn't want to presume some default behavior from some of the features (kick offline, check zone, restart when space).

The new version does have a configuration panel. However, it's essentially an extension of the group panel and opens with that, so it's an easy 'P' press away. Not to mention the main slash commands for quick on and off still work. I feel the ~3-5sec with the UI is quick enough that the new features will not have slash commands for them, and free up the original /ai command to work as-is.

I haven't in gotten a long PvP run recently to test the newer features of AutoInvite, so I'm leaving them as experimental for now. They're most likely stable; I'm just holding off until then.

Next up:

Once AutoInvite is fully tested, I'll move those features from experimental. I'll probably then just rotate around the addons and just add a feature or two then move to the next one. (It'd really be nice if Esoui got around to implementing the +1 on features so I had a bit more idea of what's wanted...)
Updated API numbers for my addons for the Craglorn patch. API changes don't touch the functions I use and personal use found no errors after patch.

For AutoInvite, I'm currently working on 3 improvements:
1) When in Cyrodiil, do not auto-invite players not in Cyrodiil. Inviting players not in Cyrodiil while in a large raid has good potential to cause several people to disconnect, so building protection from this into the mod. This will only be enabled if you are in Cyrodiil.

2) Persist between /reloadui and zone changes so you don't have to restart.

3) AutoKick. This is a little further off and will undergo more testing (don't want to accidentally kick people). It also will most likely not be on by default.

Further down the road, I need to invest the time into making a decent LUA command line processor so I can have it do switch-style commands. I have done some UI work, but I'm still reluctant to include a UI because this is intended to be changed on the fly quickly.

For GuildCharacterInfo, I just added menu configuration. (Now I'm tempted to do an OOP rewrite of the lib and send it to Seerah.) Next up is to verify the new libChat 1.1 changes with the addon. I'm a little skeptical on how multiple handlers will work with the name field. After that I plan on looking on integration to the link menu.

One other little personal addon I might cleanup, add a UI, and release is a sort of zone timer/recap. After doing several dungeon runs, I made a quick little addon that throws to chat output time spent in zone, vp or xp earned, and rate. Not sure if the devs actually remembered to put an onscreen timer into Craglorn, but could be useful elsewhere regardless.
04/18/14 12:55 PM by: Sasky
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