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Welcome to Asto's author portal. This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!
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06/07/20 08:34 AM by: Asto
Now with accountwide settings
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02/10/19 08:19 AM by: Asto
I'm no active player anymore but want to maintain the add-on as good as possible. So please feel free to contact me anywhere if you have problems with my add-on.
  • Updated AchievementInfos Dependencies - could fix some bugs
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08/20/15 03:01 PM by: Asto
I'm back and so is this addon. Please excuse my longer absence.
  • Finished the LAM 2.0 Upgrade to support the current version of ESO (The result: An all new and shiny settings page)
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04/25/14 05:08 AM by: Asto
  • Added a notification if an achievement is completed
  • Added a notification when you discover an achievement for the first time
  • Fixed an achievement not showing up
  • Fixed the behavior of showing notifications every 25% - this should now work correctly
  • Optimized internals
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04/24/14 03:22 PM by: Asto
  • Added an optional Debug Mode if you think you found an error
  • Fixed achievement notifications using the wrong achievement category
  • Fixed a problem that all achievements instead of only the currently active achievement of a progress line were shown
  • Changed the color of the notifications