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It's been a while since I've released any sort of update for Joker, largely due to various real-life things going on (including my daughter's birth (yay!)); today I'm pleased to release v4.0.0 (as well as immediately follow-ups 4.1.0 and 4.1.1), which includes a complete rewrite of Joker from the ground up.

One of the biggest differences in v4+ is that Joker now handles loading more dynamically (or, atleast as much as ESO will allow us to do so), and the Settings panel is now much more user-friendly (with some additional customization options available soon). In general, Joker offers richer functionality (such as the ability to now filter jokes: /joke argonian will randomly choose a joke related to an argonian) while benchmarking approx 60% faster than previous versions. It was already fast, now it's just faster and less janky. Internally, Joker was rebuilt with the intent to streamline future joke category and feature additions, and there are a variety of neat features already in the pipeline.

Version 4.1.0+, also now available, includes new joke additions - like the Lord of the Rings category! LotR jokes are included as part of the random /joke pool by default, and are directly accessible with the /lotr and /joke-lotr commands.

Version 4.2.0+, also now available, includes Curses! Exasperated? Throw out a /curse (or '/curse Mark' because Mark deserves it!). Curses are meant to be more amusing than anything, and are SFW - all curses are pulled from Elder Scrolls, Star Wars & Trek, LotR, other nerdy series, and vintage pop culture.

If you haven't already tried it out, Joker is available via Minion, or on ESOUI here: Joker on ESOUI

Thanks to everyone that has provided feedback, and special thanks to to my guildies in Chaotic Redemption for tolerating [and taking part in] the occasional spam during QA and live tests