Over the past month or so there has been an uptick in the number of users receiving social bans after using guild mail add-ons. Initially, ZOS said to increase the time between messages - so I did - this is why I took over GodSend; so everyone could benefit from this information. However, even after increasing the time delay between messages, users are still being social banned after sending mails to all guild members.

After several days of researching, I figured out that one thing that can be causing this is guild members reporting the messages as spam. Remember, this is an automated system receiving and processing these spam reports - meaning it lacks human objectivity. It is doing what it has been programmed to do.

I attempted to get the assistance of Zenimax in the forums and was banned for 72 hours and jailed for 72 hours more, consecutively, because they do not want me talking about social bans (what they refer to as "account actions") on the forums. I was literally asking for them to help a fellow officer, who was banned after using this add-on, and asked them to let me know what their parameters are so I can adjust the add-on to be in compliance. You can see the forum post here (heavily edited by ZOS Mods): https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/645295/unwarranted-in-game-account-actions-due-to-addons#latest

TL;DR: Use any guild mail add-on at your own risk at this point. Without ZOS clarifying parameters, social bans will continue to occur. Right now, they are not being very helpful with lifting these bans.

Be safe. Be kind. Have fun.