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    Wykkyd Gaming is a collection of addons built with a single, solitary purpose: To improve your quality of life inside The Elder Scrolls Online. With a history of well-adopted and heavily utilized addons in previous games, Wykkyd hopes to bring you the ultimate one-stop-shop for those basic, must-have features that are often overlooked elsewhere.
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    02/16/14 03:47 PM by: Wykkyd
    Welcome to my portal. I'm Wykkyd, avid MMO player and Addon author. I've been playing MMO's since August 2000 and I've been working on Addons since 2009, off and on. I was fairly well known in Rift for the creation of Gadgets: Outfitter, and many small raid utility addons. My focus for addons tends to lean toward those that provide more convenience and removal of tedious in-game tasks, such as swapping gear and abilities around.

    If you have any requests please send them my way and I'll see what I can do