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Feature #: 1655
File: Harven's Research Timers
Date: 02/19/18 05:56 PM
By: xenoterracide
Status: Under Review
love your addons, use quite a few of them. I'm having a love/hate relationship with research timers though.

Problem: Now that I can have 9 research's going at once it takes up a lot of screen real estate.

Solution A: One thought I've had is Is I really only care about completed and almost completed timers, so maybe there could be an option to only display a timer if it has less than X time remaining (I see this mostly being something like the last 60/30 minutes). However, that also has a problem, if I'm going to use a complete or reduce research scroll, I want to know I'm not wasting it.

Solution B: provide some method to pop open the timers with a window, ideally with a clickable gui icon.

[B}Solution C:[/C] combine A and B, but with some sort of hover over/link/popup to see timers that are greater than X time remaining instead of a window.