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Automatically show bars for skills that gain xp
Feature #: 359
File: Harven's All Experience Bars
Date: 05/19/14 04:34 PM
By: Blackwolfe
Status: Flagged for Future Version
With this I don't mean the autohide/show feature. What I'm talking about is something similar to experience notify but with bars. Basically the addon would automatically display bars for what you gain xp for, without having to create a ton of bars on your own.

So if I gain xp in the mages guild, a bar for that would pop up (and dissapear again after a certain duration)

Automatically displayed bars could have different colors depending on type (configurable). Class skills/level could show in red by default, weapon skills/level in yellow, guild skills/level in blue. Just as an example.

As well as being able to set default display for temporary bars, like where the rank would be placed etc.

Of course, all of this would have to come with extended settings and there would have to be an anchor to move where the bars would pop up etc.

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By: Harven - 05/20/14 01:12 PM
Hey, this feature will be easier to implement in the experience notify addon. I don't want to dupicate that addon functionality. So expect that feature in some future version of that addon
By: Blackwolfe - 05/20/14 03:05 PM
Looking forward to it!