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Unified Settings menu for bars.
Feature #: 395
File: Harven's All Experience Bars
Date: 05/25/14 05:39 PM
By: Blackwolfe
Status: Feature Implemented
What I find is really needed (and I'm sure you might already have plans for it) is a unified settings menu for all the bars. I find the current way of adding/removing/editing bars to be very clunky. I'm fine with keeping the current way, but also adding a button in the settings menu (which currently only contains the autohide option) which, when clicked on brings up a bigger settings menu that shows a list of all the bars with simple options for adding/removing bars and options to set defaults for newly created bars.

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By: Fr3nsyc - 07/15/14 10:35 PM
I was hoping for something like this too, but I would settle for the "default" settings for a new bar to be pulled from the bar that you right-click on to get the popup menu.
By: Harven - 08/06/14 03:16 PM
done (the part with defaults for newly created bars). The other part of this request is too much work and little benefit so will not be done.
- Harven

sorry it took so long :P