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Possibility to add aliases for slash commands with multiple words
Feature #: 497
File: Harven's Aliases
Date: 08/06/14 03:49 AM
Status: Feature Implemented
Hey Harven :)

I wanted to add an alias for ItemSetGuide, which has three commands:
/itemsetguide - displays help in chat
/itemsetguide show - shows the window
/itemsetguide showmenu - shows the preferences.

When I tried to add an alias with "/addalias itsg itemsetguide show" , "/itsg" will only show the help. Probably the second word of the slash command (show) isn't recognized? Is it possible to add that functionality?

Thank you for your work on all your addons of course and keep up the good work! :)

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By: Harven - 08/06/14 04:11 PM
Hey SBN,
done in version 1.2 enjoy
- Harven
By: SBN - 08/07/14 02:21 PM
Wow! You're amazing! Thank you for the really, really quick update!