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Remember last split amount for next split
Feature #: 676
File: Harven's Stack Split Slider
Date: 08/31/15 03:32 PM
By: Baertram
Status: Feature Implemented
Hey Harven,

thanks for your work and all the nice addons! I'm using your stack split slider a lot and just saw the following request in the addon comments:

Originally Posted by BalticBlues
Thank you for this usefull addon!
Suggestion for a simple improvement from a very busy guild trader:

It would be nice to have an option to remember the split value,
so that there is no need to reenter it the next time.
As a addon dev myself I like to use the given tools and this is why I copy the request to the feature request portal :p

I second this feature request. Would be very nice if we could get it ;)
btw: It should only apply if the stackSize of current item is > then the last entered split value

Thank you very much