FCO ItemSaver
[Marker icon] Dynamic icons
Dynamic icons are marker icons which can be setup in the settings to behave differently.

You can name them like you want to, choose an icon to be used for them, and then define which anti-* method this icon should apply.
e.g. you create a dynamic icon "Crafted" for new crafted armor/weapons.
You setup this carfted dynamic icon to be protected against deconstruction, destroy, reasearch, .... But you allow trading, improvement, mail for it!

You setup the icon to be used for the automatic markings of crafted items.

You are able to craft a new weapon/armor part and it will be automatically marked with the crafted dynamic marker icon.
At the mail send panel you have filtered the filter button to only show the dynamic icon "crafted" (See FAQ about "Filter buttons" (yellow state) -> "Context menu") and you are able to add these carfted items to your mail now to send them to the requester.