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SaveEquip conflict
Bug #: 1818
File: FCO ItemSaver
Date: 08/20/16 09:38 PM
By: silvereyes
Status: Wont fix
FCO Itemsaver causes confirmation dialogs raised by SaveEquip to not allow equipping any armor when accepted.

Steps to reproduce
  1. Enabled FCO Item Saver and SaveEquip
  2. Try to equip a bind-on-equip armor that is not yet bound
  3. Accept SaveEquip's confirmation dialog
  4. The dialog disappears, but the armor is not equipped

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By: Baertram - 08/21/16 10:12 AM
Thx for the find. FCOIS provides an "Ask before bind" dialog to save your equipable, unbound items as well.
I guess this will interfere with SaveEquip dialog, if enabled.

As both addons do the same I'd just remove SaveEquip if you use FCOIS and enable the protection in FCOIS then.
After my holidays, depending on my time, I'll have a look if it's worth to fix/fixable.