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Context menu in equipped inventory panel too long with all of the item / dynamic entries
Bug #: 1996
File: FCO ItemSaver
Date: 05/14/17 10:36 AM
By: pavman
Status: Not a Bug
When I went to enchant an item from the context menu of the inventory's equipped item panel, on 1080p, the context menu is so long it goes to the top of the screen. Options like unequip and enchant are blocked by the default XP bar and cannot be selected.

I'd like a feature to toggle up to 9 dynamic and/or 4 gear item sets on and off individually so that the context menu is usable. I did not see this feature, but this is really annoying as I use the panel to recharge and repair my equipped items, as well as enchant, etc.

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By: Baertram - 05/14/17 11:51 AM
This feature is in already? Just check the setitngs for each icon and below the icons submenu there is "Disable/Enable" toggle for each of the 22 icons.

Disabled icons ar enot in the context menu.
And you are able to use submenus in the contextmenus too, just check the context menu settings.
By: pavman - 05/17/17 05:21 PM
I found the settings once I dug deep in the settings panel, was just coming back to delete this... Thanks!
By: Baertram - 05/18/17 12:38 PM
Ok, glad you found it.