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Deposit Option for Guild Bank not available when FCO ItemSaver active
Bug #: 2026
File: FCO ItemSaver
Date: 06/24/17 10:27 AM
By: Scaylen
Status: Not a Bug
Pretty much as the title says. When FCO ItemSaver is active, I'm unable to deposit anything in the guild bank. The E option is completely absent from the deposit panel in the guild bank(not visible along the bottom, and doesn't work even if you press E). It also no longer shows deposit as an option in the drop down menu when right clicking on an item. I still see the withdraw E option on the withdraw panel and can do that. This bug is reproducible, I can deactivate the addon and the deposit option works again, and when I re-enable it, I can't deposit anymore. I also verified it's doing this when all other addons are deactivated.

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By: Baertram - 06/24/17 11:35 AM
This is no bug! Please check the addon settings of FCOItemSaver:

Anti-Destroy -> scorll down to "Guild bank" and disable the "Anti deposit if you are not allowed to withdraw" option.

This prevents you from putting items at the guild bank if you are not allowed to withdraw them again (you got no rights then to do so).
By: Baertram - 06/24/17 11:36 AM
You can test it to be sure: Try to withdraw any item from THAT particular guild bank and I bet you are not allowed to do so.