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Filters not filtering, at metal/cloth/wood craftingstation Deconstruct
Bug #: 2047
File: FCO ItemSaver
Date: 08/15/17 10:24 AM
By: wdsoui
Status: Fixed
I'm noticing today (installed the ESO update last night) that at a blacksmithing/clothing/woodworking crafting station in the Deconstruct view, the filters seem to be not limiting the list of items shown -- trying all 4 icons at the bottom, trying the red/gold/green on each icon, the list of items shown remains unchanged (is never affected/limited/filtered).

The filters do still work at the enchanting station Deconstruction, at the bank, when viewing character inventory, and when selling to a vendor.

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By: Baertram - 08/15/17 02:39 PM
Hi there and thanks for the bug report. Due to a business trip I'm currently not able to invest or fix this.
I'll have a look as I come back and got access to my gaming pc.