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More dynamic icons (if possible)
Feature #: 1636
File: FCO ItemSaver
Date: 11/12/17 02:38 PM
By: RealReeth
Status: Feature Implemented
Hi Baertram,

first of all, FCO ItemSaver is the #1 AddOn to manage my Inventories. I wouldn't know what to do without it.

But: You would make me (and possibly a lot more users out there) even more happy, if there were more
dynamic icons, which are so awesome useful. Especially to categorize Sets into different purposes, roles, etc.
Is it possible to extend the number of dynamics to 20 or even higher ?

I would do it myself, but I haven't any clue of lua-coding and I guess, as this AddOn seems very complex in
it's code, simply copy and paste of some lines wouldn't work.

I would be glad to read some notes to that from you.
(Gerne auch auf deutsch. Ich quäle mich hier nur in englisch ab, damit es für alle verständlich ist ... :o )

Thanks a lot in advance

Greetz / Reeth

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By: Baertram - 11/12/17 04:18 PM
Hey, thanks for the flowers.

This would take a lot of time to recode a lot as yo've said. And the addon is curently already consuming a lot of my gaming time.
If I find the time in the future I might add some more, or make it even more danymic so you can choose by yourself how many dynamic icons you'd like to have.

And the dropdown menus etc. are pretty long already and it would need me to make submenus for the dynamic icons, or even submenus in the submenus which is either not possible or very difficult. So please don't expect something like your request in the near future.

If you use the icons for sets think about using another set related addon like "AlphaGear 2" e.g.
By: RealReeth - 11/14/17 06:47 AM
Hi, thank you for the response.

I've been afraid you would say so, but hope is hard to kill.

I'm using AlphaGear already to switch Sets/Skills for each purpose but only on charakter basis.
It is useless to mark Items in banks. And the markup of AlphaGear in the Inevntory tells nothing about the purpose,
unless you open the AG screen itself and investigate every single saved batch in there or switch to the related combo.

The dynamics are perfect to mark/see in every inventory as well as at the crafting-stations
for what purpose the Item is reserved for. (eg. "Tank stam", "DD Mag", "DD Stam 2H", "PVP Siege", "Vamp", etc.)
I even have Icons for "Set OK, but bad type/trait" for markup as second choice or to remind me
what to transmute.
Due to the huge amount of different Sets, it's impossible for me to keep all the stats and effects in mind
to say within a second "Set blala ist good for blabla".
20 years ago I might had been able to do that, but nowadays ... definitely not anymore. I'm getting old.
By: Baertram - 11/14/17 10:40 AM
Yeah, I use the dyamic icons in a similar way. MAybe I can revamp it a bit to dynamically create the settings menu etc. But the main problem is the context menus and positioning.
It's getting too long and would need a much of love to re-position/-code everything.