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Allow laundering of items marked for selling.
Feature #: 605
File: FCO ItemSaver
Date: 03/28/15 09:46 AM
By: DerBombo
Status: Feature already added
Don't know if I'm missing something here, but I have several items marked for selling, so I can quickly go through them in the guild store. It seems like I have to remove that flag from any item though when I want to launder said item, if I've stolen it before.

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By: Baertram - 03/29/15 11:08 AM
Did you mark the stolen items for selling (manually) or were they marked for selling by the program (automatically)?
Did you check the settings for "Allow to sell items 'marked for selling'" and does this help you?
Please have a look at the small "flag" symbol in your inventory. It is positioned to the left of the "name" head column of the items.
If you click it you#ll get a ceontext menu where you can mark/unmark all currently seen (like filtered by AdvancedFilters) items with 1 click.
Or you can disable/enable the protection of items with one click:
Go to the launder/vendor, open the flag's context menu, choose 2nd item from the bottom (Disable anti-laundering / Disable anti-selling) and then sell your items, even if they are marked.
You can do this at all other panels (deconstruction, improvement, inventory, bank, guild store, mail, trading, etc.) the same way.
-> If you close the panel again the "anti-selling" protection will be automatically enabled again, unless you have not disabled this in the settings.

If this is not helping you I'd kindly ask for more details how to rebuild what you want to achieve. Thanks
By: DerBombo - 03/30/15 11:50 PM
Dammit. Turns out I really missed something. Didn't really see the laundering options there. Never mind. Works great!
By: Baertram - 03/31/15 01:33 AM
Allright, no problem. Glad it could resolved that quick^^
By: DerBombo - 04/03/15 06:32 AM
Okay, this works great with the flag context menu, but it seems to "forget" when I set the laundering option in the settings. No big problem though, as I'm just using the flag option for now though.
By: DerBombo - 04/16/15 04:02 AM
Okay, guess you fixed this one. Thanks!
By: Baertram - 04/16/15 08:03 AM
If you use the context menu (flag option) to remove the anti-laundering it might get automatically activated again if you close the launder vendor!
This depens on the settings you have setup for the addon.
You are able to:
-"Activate/Deactivate the Anti-Sell at a launder" in general
-"Automatically reactivate the Anti-Sell at a launder" if you close the launder vendor

If the automatic re-activation is enabled, and you used the flag options to deactivate the Anti-Sell, it will get activated again if you close the launder vendor (it's a security setting)!