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Unable to use pre-Murkmire data.
Bug #: 2345
File: HarvestMap-Import/Export
Date: 10/30/18 03:29 AM
By: GrafOrloff
Status: Awaiting Feedback
Unable to import data after updating to Murkmire version of addon.
Addon does not read pins from old/merged files on game start.
When either uploading and merging or manually replacing data files in SavedVariables takes place,
addon overwrites them after each relog or UI reload and replaces them with new files containing only new pins.
Also having map pins visibility on results in rather scary RAM usage, which wasn't the case before Murmire update.

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By: Shinni - 10/30/18 10:40 AM
Is the game running or closed when you replace the files?
By: GrafOrloff - 11/04/18 08:25 AM
Did it both ways. With game closed and with game running. Files get replaced with fresh ones anyways.