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Some of the 3D Pins DO NOT show
Bug #: 2445
File: HarvestMap
Date: 06/13/19 09:48 PM
By: Justanotherplayer
Status: Unconfirmed
Hello, I am seeing a bug where some of the 3D Pins are not loading with the rest of them.

In this picture, you see the fishing 3D Pin is shown; however, the 3D Pin for Wood and Ore are not

In this picture, you see the settings are ON for the ore. All my options are ON

In this picture, you see all my settings are set to ON

If you can please fix this, I really like your Addon and I like ESO.

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By: Justanotherplayer - 06/13/19 09:50 PM
I don't understand why my pictures did load into the report. I will provide it again here as links.



By: Justanotherplayer - 06/13/19 09:58 PM
Warning: Spoiler
By: Shinni - 06/21/19 04:38 AM
You have the "display only spawned resource" option enabled.
That feature does not work, if you use an addon that hides the compass.
By: pincushin - 08/14/19 08:58 AM
Hey there, is there any chance you could update the documentation/FAQ or in-game tool tip to reflect this? Or is this something that's planned on being fixed? I've seen a lot of comments about this thinking that this feature is broken, but I just tested it on my end and it works like a charm once I re-enabled the compass.