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Update Nodes & tooltips
Feature #: 1481
File: HarvestMap
Date: 05/15/16 03:04 PM
By: MarkusFox
Status: Under Review
I may have an idea of how to simplify a couple of things.

The addon currently tracks the location of nodes and what resource they contain. But not all resource nodes are static.

Enchanting and Alchemy reagent nodes are dynamic and change from one spawn to the next. Blacksmithing, clothing and woodworking change based on what zone you are in and in some cases what level of skill you have in its respective tree. So an Iron Ore node for a level 5 player in Hew's Bane may be a Rubedite Ore node to a Level 40 player that has maxed out blacksmithing.

Is it possible to rework how it handles node data by trimming it down to just "Rune Node", "Metal Ore", ecetera? This will be especially relevant since the DB patch will completely change how enchanting rune nodes work (they you at least 1 essence and aspect rune per harvest).