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Global Data / Creating a Database
Feature #: 212
File: HarvestMap
Date: 04/27/14 10:06 AM
By: Shinni
Status: Under Review
I implemented a feature which imports all HarvestMap data on your PC into your account.
So if you play with two accounts (or you share your computer with someone else), the gathered data is shared!
This also allows to easily import other people's data.

In order to share the data, I'd like to create some kind of database/masterfile.
However I've only been to Auridon and Grahtwood, so it currently contains very little harvest nodes.
It would be great if you helped me create this database!
If you want to help, upload you savefile and post it in the notes below.
(zippyshare, mediafire, anywhere you like)
(If you worry about your accountname and/or characternames being public, open a copy of the file with a texteditor and simply replace the names. Should be easy enough via ctrl+f ^^)

Note: This feature isn't uploaded yet. I want to test it thoroughly first.
A bug while modifying the save file could delete all your data...

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By: MercierX - 04/28/14 08:39 PM
Check your inbox for a link. Out of curiosity...(and this may be because I don't now how ESO stores our savedvars...how are you finding the data on our PCs?
By: hotzndotz - 04/29/14 01:52 AM
go to C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables
That's if you're using windows, I know nothing of mac's file locations
By: MercierX - 04/29/14 07:59 AM
Oh, I know where the savedvars are....I was just wondering how Shinni gathers all the data from different accounts. Does the game store all savedvars in those files or does it write separate ones for each account?
By: val1n - 04/30/14 03:01 PM
By: Banjin - 05/01/14 07:58 AM
How do you get the full esohead.lua file ? The one with the full list (provisionning...). When I download it I only have chest, shyshard, fish and harvest. I change the name correctly, nothing happens. I don't get message "this file has been modified by another program", like in the video. And the only info I get on my map are the ones I found. How do I get the correct file ?
By: Sharlikran - 05/01/14 09:07 AM
@Banjin, the Merge Site does not include provisioning data, it deliberately removes that and all the other sections. Probably to cut down on file size.
By: Sharlikran - 05/01/14 09:52 AM
Here is my harvestmap.lua
By: Shikao - 05/02/14 12:49 AM
Another one:
By: Rathputin - 05/04/14 09:27 AM
Here my Upload:
There are some imports from Eso-Merge, so there are some nodes in english, others in german. My own gathered datas are in german, cause Iplay the german client.
By: Sharlikran - 05/06/14 11:59 AM
Rathputin can you PM me please I wanted to get some feedback on the Node Names in game.