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Mail send UI error: Duplicate Keybind: UI_SHORTCUT_SECONDARY
Bug #: 1785
File: Wykkyd Mailbox
Date: 07/25/16 08:24 AM
By: silvereyes
Status: Unconfirmed
Steps to reproduce:
  1. Open mail with ' key
  2. Click the Send tab in the upper right
  3. You will receive the following UI error:

Duplicate Keybind: UI_SHORTCUT_SECONDARY. Before: mailInbox (Reply). After: mailSend (Send).
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'assert'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_KeybindStrip/ZO_KeybindStrip.lua:370: in function 'ZO_KeybindStrip:AddKeybindButton'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_KeybindStrip/ZO_KeybindStrip.lua:514: in function 'ZO_KeybindStrip:AddKeybindButtonGroup'
	EsoUI/Ingame/Mail/Keyboard/MailSend_Keyboard.lua:69: in function 'callback'
	EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_CallbackObject.lua:111: in function 'ZO_CallbackObject:FireCallbacks'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_Scene.lua:248: in function 'ZO_Scene:SetState'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_SceneManager.lua:179: in function 'ZO_SceneManager:ShowScene'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_SceneManager.lua:471: in function 'ZO_SceneManager:OnSceneStateChange'
	EsoUI/Ingame/Scenes/IngameSceneManager.lua:319: in function 'ZO_IngameSceneManager:OnSceneStateChange'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_Scene.lua:249: in function 'ZO_Scene:SetState'

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By: silvereyes - 07/25/16 09:18 AM
I should mention that this only happens on PTS.
By: silvereyes - 07/25/16 09:27 AM
Actually, I stand corrected. It happens on live servers as well. I was running MailR on live, which overrode the Reply keybind; But disabling MailR caused the issue in Wykkyd Mailbox to surface on live as well.
By: silvereyes - 07/25/16 09:42 AM
Here's a patch.
Replace lines 102-103:
self:RegisterEvent(EVENT_MAIL_CLOSE_MAILBOX, _addon.MailBoxClosed, false)
self:RegisterEvent(EVENT_MAIL_OPEN_MAILBOX, _addon.SetupMailbox, false)

...with the following:
MAIL_INBOX_SCENE:RegisterCallback("StateChange", _addon.MailBoxClosed)


Replace line 216:
_addon.MailBoxClosed= function()

...with the following:
_addon.MailBoxClosed= function(oldState, newState)
if newState ~= SCENE_HIDING then return end
By: Ravalox Darkshire - 08/03/16 01:00 AM
I'll add this in to the code asap.

Thanks for posting it!
By: Mastermillwright - 05/12/17 12:25 AM
Hey this is great if it works, I am sure it does right??

OK Where do I find this code and these lines 102 - 103 & line 216 How do I get to them Please??